(October 2009) Art Class Improvised

What is to be done when on a Sunday afternoon only eight of your regular 30-40+ young learners at the Learning Center turn up for the tutoring class?

It happened on the third Sunday of October. Most of the BPV kids were held up at a Barangay event. Their tutor Paola was disappointed because for only eight kids it would be costly to start the electric generator for the video showing she had planned. What to do then? Well, Sr. Elvira thought, we have a long stretch of beach teeming with sea shells. Why not keep the kids busy and do an art class instead?

Off the children and their tutor went to pick up shells… then in the spur of the moment Sr. Elvira announced a shell crafting competition. The kids quickly put on their think-ing caps, got to work, and in less than 15 minutes presented their crafts, displaying hitherto unknown artistic abili-ties. The shell craft designs were mostly of flowers and plants.


Then it was time to pick the winners. Tutor Paola and a BPV personnel acted as judges. Rachelle, a fourth-grader won the first prize for originality and artistic skill. Her craft used a variety of shells carefully chosen for their color and shape. Second and third places went to two high school students, Elizabeth and Mary Rose, respectively. Elizabeth showed a fine taste in her portrayal of a flower and a bee. Mary Rose skillfully arranged her shells to depict a flowering plant in a pot.

Now the prizes! What to give since this was an impromptu competition? After a moment’s deliberation, Sr. Elvira fished out from her pocket  three  objects—a one-peso and two quarter-centavo coins. Just the right number of prizes! You guess which coin went to whom. To add a little color to the “token” prizes, each of the winners also got a ball pen. Not to discourage the rest of the contestants, they too got a treat: a Milo drink. And lots of cheers!