(May 2013) The Tutees: My Experience in the TAP-BPV Summer Literacy Camp 2013

Jan Bailey A. Maristela

7th Grader

My experience here in this camp was the best. The temperature here in the camp was so cool and fresh. And the atmosphere is very great. There are some houses here that are like boulders. Sometimes one of my friends wear beautiful clothes and they also glitter. And one time it also rained here and the sky rumbles as the lightning strikes. We all dodge from making trouble in the camp. And sometimes we make bonfire outside and the fire sizzles when we start singing. We also practice on our folkdance and many times we swirl around and spin a lot. We sometimes have wounds and it also scarred. Sometimes other glare for no reason, which is very weird. Sometimes we fetch water and sometimes the pail falls into the well, and pop! It’s stuck down there in the well.

I really like it here in the BPV camp because you can learn a lot of things here. And other tutors here teach a lot of things that we do not know yet. This is best for our education and for our future.

April B. De Joya

8th Grader

I was so excited to come here in the BPV to take the training for two weeks. When I was here, sister elvi bring us to each tent. She told us that each one must be friendly. The temperature here is cold but in the night it is so hot. The first, I saw a dog. I was scared because his eyes glare. Then the day past I have many friends. I was playing in the sea then I dodged the sand to make volcanoes. The stars at night and the light of the ship in the sea was so glitter. It is beautiful to see. My other friends go to sister Elvi to get permission that we going to swim. Then after five minutes we are so happy because sister Elvi want us to swim. The waves sizzle. As they swim, they run, they rumble, because the waves that was so big. One day when I swept in the big cottage, I get scarred with the broom. When we are sing around in the bonfire, I heard the wood pop. Even I am far away in the Ginlutangan Islands I can see here in the BPV if low tide. In the rock of this islands is boulders. The surroundings here is clean and beautiful. When I was study folk dancing someone spin me with slippers.

Quennelyn Salem

7th Grader

On May 19, 2013 in afternoon 5:00pm are my first day in Benson Peace Village. My companion is my classmates and friends. When I came sister said I sleep in the tent in one tent are four child. My companion in other place are kind and behavior. In evening I cannot sleep very well because the temperature is so hot. In early morning I wake up because I exercise, when I wake up it is so cold after the exercise we eat breakfast my food are delicious. After eat we take a bath. I’m excited to another activity. Sound of atmosphere the birds song in tree. In the evening we have campfire I see a sizzle and sing a beautiful song any kinds of song and after song, see a movie and after movie I sleep very well. In the morning when I go to the sea I glare in Nagurang Island and I look at the sea its glitter. I remember in evening I see the fire are pop. In the morning I wake up my companion work, the wind are spin. In exercise I see the dog I dodge. I’m happy to come in this place because we have new friends and I learn anything like science, English, math, arts. I enjoy myself in this place.

Franz Ronan A. Seguisa

7th Grader

When we arrived here in Benson Peace Village, I feel happy and I enjoy the trip while riding a jeep. I saw the place of Bato. And when the session started, I was so happy and excited watching what was the purpose of this gathering. And I was excited to know the name of our trainor. The night activity we talk about movies, tales and more stories. And we practice our folkdance and exercises I felt confident because I can do it by myself.

So, that was my experience and I’m thankful for having that wonderful experience.