(May 2013) The Tutors: My Experience in the TAP-BPV Summer Literacy Camp 2013

Riza Monica A. Seguisa

2nd yr College, Arts/Folkdance Tutor

The best learning experience that I could ever have. There were so many lessons that I learned not only in academics but also in my personality which helped me to know more about myself, of what I am and am not.

I felt very nervous yet excited about the summer literacy camp because it was my first time to have a class. And I’m a second year college only that’s why having this kind of experience is one of the most gracious gifts that I have received, because of having an opportunity to help others, to teach folk dance, arts, and to discover the different attitudes of the learners towards their tutors, and how to deal with others. Every night I was so very happy and excited in watching movies, campfires, and singing new songs together with the students. These are the moments that I enjoyed and I will miss. The responsibilities are the most challenging part that I could say but it makes me feel great whenever I did it well. There’s a lot of satisfactions that I found in myself and being contented of what I have is the blessing that I should be thankful for. Whenever I’m tired I just go with the kids and play with them because every time that I saw their happy faces it inspired me to pursue my vocation of becoming a teacher someday. I’m wishing that this camp will happen again.

Alex Cedillo

High School Graduate, Arts Tutor

When I saw all of my co-volunteers, I was afraid and I felt a bit nervous. Because I know that they have more knowledge than I. But then in our first day, I’m so great that I met them all and they are easy to become friends with. It is nice because I have a new friend. In the past few days, I learned everything. Everything about myself and about God. And it comes to a point that the learning I’ve got brings me a lot of thanks to God.

And the day when the children came I was so excited. I am excited to become teacher. And that’s a big mistake! Teaching is too much difficult to do. But I learned how to love this kind of opportunity. And when the time came that I already met them all personally, I was so happy. Happy not because I know them all, but because they’re friendly too like me. And I enjoy to teach them even if sometimes I got angry, but it is natural, because I make them happy. I make some way to make them laugh and to be happy. In the night I enjoy watching movies and parables, and even bonfire with my students. And all the activity that we did bring a lesson in life. And that was an experience here in BPV that I don’t want to forget. Anyway it is sad to say that this happening has an ending. But I hope it happens again! Thank you for everything! I will miss this!! I love you all...

Rosela V. Apawan

Teaching is an advocacy. It requires not just the skill or knowledge of the teaching-learning process but more so the love and willingness to influence oneself and another. And so, the teaching career is highly honorable and worth treasuring.

When our college dean, Dr. Lourdes A. Francisco informed me about the possibility of attending this so-called literacy camp, sponsored by a charity foundation, ThinkActPeace, I felt no hesitation or doubt to come and take my first step towards teaching. It would always be a good opportunity to teach as a volunteer. The camp was to last for 15 days, from May 14 to 30, 2013, in sitio Bato, Brgy Tinaclipan, Milagros, Masbate. Those 15 days would be a worthwhile part of my journey. They seemed like the entrance door to the career I have chosen.

It wasn’t hard to tackle anyway. Our schedule was so tight we didn’t even notice how the camp ended so fast. On our first and second days, one realization awaken my soul: I knew I was on the right path. The 3rd, 4th, 5th days were never hard because everything was interesting. The organizers reminded us about the things to do and not to do in our teaching. The teaching materials we needed were all free so they were never a problem. The sixth and the following days were the best times in the camp: I felt like a teacher and I loved the way I felt mostly when I read the minds of my students hungering for knowledge. This was something I knew they truly deserved to have. They were all going on seventh grade, all were eager to participate. Everybody enjoyed, including me.

Every time I hear my students thanking me, I tell myself, no. But thank you to the organizers of the camp, Sr. Elvie and Sr. Lulu, who gave me joy with this excellent idea. To ThinkActPeace Foundation benefactors, who made everything convenient and possible. Thanks to them who selflessly allowed us to experience a hearty teaching-learning process. That, for sure, we’ll forever keep in our hearts. Infinite thanks to them.

Jejomarie Asebuque

Any of us can have experiences that sometimes may lead us to be either negative or positive thinkers. No one knows when that happens but we notice it when we are in that particular situation. And we can’t but realize that every experience teaches us how to accept responsibilities.

Benson Peace Village located in Tinaclipan, Milagros, Masbate conducted a Summer Literacy Camp under the auspices of ThinkActPeace Foundation, May 14-30, 2013. This was a great project for the children especially those who needed some help in their academic work.

This is my first time to attend a workshop because I used to fear training workshops. If there were seminars, I tended to run away. I did not want to join. I always had a negative feeling towards seminars. But when this training workshop came I grabbed the opportunity immediately because I thought maybe it was time for me to decide on my own. So when I arrived at BPV I was amazed at the place; there was a really nice and peaceful ambience. It can attract people especially those who want to think and reflect by themselves.

It’s been a privilege to be part of this camp because it has made me realize that life is precious and I should treasure everything I have.

Before the start of the tutorial days we volunteers had a leadership training to prepare us to assist the children. The Leadership workshop trained us to be good leaders and to deal with each child’s attitude and behavior.

When the children finally arrived and the tutorials started, the almost twelve days of the camp and the tutoring of four children suddenly seemed difficult and quite a lot of pressure. But then, of course, there was joy when I saw my tutees participate and independently do their part. I felt happy they learned something from their stay in the camp. I saw that they cooperated in every activity and tried their best to wake up early in the morning, fix their things, and follow the timetable of the day’s activities. They managed to handle their day well and make it go smoothly. On the academic activities, they were interested in the discussions, but there were times they were tired of listening, so I gave them a minute of relaxation to revive their interest.

Children have different talents, different characteristics. To develop their talents they should be encouraged and inspired to do their best—and that is the role of the teacher or the tutor. Because we are in the field of teaching we have to draw out the best in them. We have to teach them how to develop their talents and to take good care of themselves. Despite the challenges, we can get lessons from our students for we ourselves learn to use different strategies in facilitating and motivating their learning. In addition, it is interesting to communicate with others, especially the students.

At the end of the camp, I can say to all of us that it was a job well done. We have shown the people, especially the parents, that their children have learned well from day one up until the end of the camp. They have doubled their talents. And on the lessons we discussed in class I think I can say the children have made a lot of progress.

Our heartfelt thanks to the following persons who helped make this summer literacy camp possible.

    • First of all, to the benefactors of ThinkActPeace Foundation for their financial support and also for the prayers.
    • To Sister Elvie, for her love for the children, for her inspiring message just so we always come alive, and for her patience.
    • To Sister Lulu, for the daily meals she prepared, wisely managing the day’s budget.
    • To our Dean Lourdes A. Francisco, Ed.D. for having chosen me to be part of this summer literacy camp.
    • To our God Almighty, for the spiritual guidance and for giving us strength to handle every situation in the camp.

May this project be continued every year!!! God bless us all. Thank you!

Alona Azuelo

Have you ever experienced going to a place you didn’t want to go to? For the reason that you felt you were leaving something more important in your own place than this activity? That’s exactly what happened to me. But I know God had His own reason for allowing me to come and attend this activity called "Literacy Camp."

Literacy Camp, to the tutor it means teaching and facilitating student learning inorder for them to gain better knowledge. It focuses on the teaching and learning process between the teacher and the students. Not just a simple camp, but the camp where experiences remain forever in the heart of the teacher as well as the students. Camp, where you learn how to handle and manage your time wisely and make it memorable, where you learn to do everything in the right place, at the right time, and always joyfully.

On this whole activity I can say that I was enjoying so much. First and foremost, the place where we stayed in: a place where you could feel peace in your heart and seriously teaching different individuals and sharing your ideas with them. Secondly, when I saw my students understand what the lesson was all about, when they cooperated, communicated, and comprehended it. They became more responsible and prayerful and also felt blessed for being able to attend this literacy camp. In that sense I feel proud of myself because through this camp I was able to share my talents, abilities, and all that I have.

I would like to thank God first for the wisdom and strength he gave me and for allowing me to attend this TAP-BPV Summer Literacy Camp. To all benefactors I want to say “thank you” for making this activity possible. To Sister Elvie and Sister Lulu my simple gratitude for accommodating and guiding us. To Ma’am Lourdes Francisco thanks for choosing me as one of the volunteers for this activity. To my co-tutors Jejomarie, Rosela, Gladys, Christina, Monique and Alex, thanks for the endless support to make things right always, with encouragement and determination that we could handle them and make them memorable.

I hope we could continue sharing our talents and abilities to those in need. Thank you each and everyone. May God bless us always.