(May 2011) Operation Balik Aral

In cooperation with the Department of Education the Civil Military Operations of the 9th Infantry Battalion helped educational establishments to prepare for the opening of classes. TAP-BPV became one of the beneficiaries of the Army's services on May 25, 2011.

They came while the Summer Literacy Program for grade and secondary school kids was going on.

The St. Joseph's Kamalig or Hut (above) had been serving as a classroom and a video projection room for BPV's literacy activities for over two years, but this year it did not look good for the summer Literacy Program. Its wooden structure and its interior had become home to huge spiders, wood borers, mosquitoes and other insects. It had to be demolished.

The demolition begins... An electrician takes care of dismantling the wiring. One by one the coconut thatches are removed... and gathered and readied for burning. Thatches are burned... Now it's time to topple down the posts. Down falls the roof... Unneeded tree branches are cut down to clear the front of the grotto and rid the place of snakes... and then electrical wirings reinstalled for the grotto... Grasses are cut... ...around the cabana... ...around the prayer house... then grounds swept... Thank you 9th Infantry Battalion!